Hello beautiful. Welcome to my blog!


My name is Lisa Belinda Nilsson and I’m a 24-year-old Swede, living in Copenhagen.

This blog is my space to share my life. I strive to inspire you in all things possible while also being real as fuck. Here on my blog, I will share everything from the most shallow OOTD to my deepest thoughts and struggles.

I’m a HUGE beauty nerd and I LOVE fashion (although I think the fashion industry needs to get the fuck off their high horse and use their influence to make a possitive differnence in the world). Oh, and I tend to get passionate and a little sassy when I talk about things that matters to me.

I’m quite a hippie and I rely on astrology (probably more than I should). I’m on a constant quest to be as happy as I can possibly be, without ignoring the dark moments of life. I tend to get poetic when I think about life and the lessons it teaches me. I love reading, drawing and I can litteraly spend HOURS on Pinterest. It’s an actual addiction but better Pinterest than crack, I always say! (Ps. If youre planning your weddig, go check out my “Put a ring on it -board”, It’s a work of perfection and dedication that I’m unreasonably proud of).

I hope that you enjoy this space and don’t be afraid to leave a comment, it warms my heart!

Also be sure to check out my Instagram and YouTube channel for more fun!

Much love,

Lisa Belinda